Bar & Accesories


Buying Bar & Accessories online has never been so easy. Enter Lucerna Hospitality and find a great selections and accessories so you can enjoy your purchases with the best satisfaction guarantee. If you need it, you can ask for information about all the aspects that you need from our customer service team in order to help you choose just what you need. Once you confirm your order, we will prepare it and send it to your address in a safe and comfortable way. It is very easy and fast to buy at Lucerna Hospitality!

Lucerna Hospitality provides solutions for your business where you can find all the products you need for your bar. From shakers, glassware, and all the necessary equipment to be able to have all the necessary tools to offer an excellent service for your clients. All our products are of high quality and for commercial use, guaranteeing a smart investment for your business. The vast majority of our products are THE BARS which has been a brand present on the market since 1999, and since then it has undergone a great evolution, establishing itself on the international scene.

THE BARS produces and distributes its products through specialized retailers, in all sectors of catering and bars (restaurants, fast-food restaurants, hotels, bars, cocktail bars, communities, hospitals, military bodies, etc.).

We are well aware of the critical points to which hospitality and bar sector professionals devote the most attention.

We have always tried to predict their needs today and tomorrow:

  • investing in research to understand the trends of the future.
  • entering into collaboration agreements with training structures for
  • study new items and to test their efficiency.
  • always paying attention to all the new trends and needs of the global market.


All the items you find in our catalog are produced in our factories, using only first choice raw materials and following each stage of production and quality control.

This allows us to ensure customers a high quality standard.

Through the professionalism that distinguishes us, we are able to create new items starting from an idea given to us by professionals in the sector, developed through planning and design all 100% made in Italy .

This allows us to always reach the maximum yield of the Product given by Functionality and Design.

THE BARS wants to fully meet the expectations of its customers and establishes as strategic priorities for its operations:

  • the quality of the product
  • assistance with specialized personnel
  • compliance with delivery methods and times
  • price competitiveness.


THE BARS ® is 100% Eco Friendly.