Bath Amenities

Hotel Bath Amenities: Soap, Shampoo, Gel, Conditioner and Self Care Kits

We are backed by a history of more than 30 years and the trust and loyalty of the main hotels and chains all over the world. Commitment to natural, organic cosmetics, along with the use of ecological, animal cruetly free, biodegradable materials, in order to offer your guests a unique and memorable experience.



Committed to sustainability and environmental protection

All our hotel bathroom amenities are made with genuine respect for the environment. Our cosmetics contain no parabens or phthalates and we manufacture our amenities using sustainable methods, reducing contamination and making the best use of our resources and raw materials.

Our manufacturing plant has a system that recovers water after osmosis to ensure no water is wasted. The water is rerouted to a 30-t silo and is used for cleaning, processing and watering gardens.

All our range of products are free of parabens, phthalates and haven’t been tested on animals. Ecological, environmentally-friendly products backed by the EU Eco label. We have an extensive variety of ecological accessories that help reduce CO2 emissions and prevent global warming. We use soy-based inks to reduce volatile organic compounds and toxic emissions releases during the printing process. Moreover, the process causes no harm to the environment and facilitates the recycling of paper, reducing pollution. We have a large range of wall mounted bath dispensers, which contributes to the reduction of CO2 atmospheric emission levels and results in less waste, by reducing the use of materials. This brings savings of up to 95% in carbon emissions.


We use 100%-recyclable cardboard boxes and paper packaging made from FSC-certified or biodegradable materials, resulting in the total elimination of practically all types of plastic waste.

If you are looking for bathroom amenities to make the difference in your property, Lucerna Hospitality in Puerto Rico has the solution while offering a great variety of bath amenity bottles as well as dispensers.