Bed Linen

Hotel Bed Sheets Collection

Lucerna Hospitality has the best collection of bed linen for hotels. Made with cotton, we have three ranges of hotel bed linen that will suits your hotel needs perfectly. If you are looking for white cotton bed sheets for hotels Lucerna Hospitality will help you to find the right ones. Moreover, if you need personalized help to make the final decision, do not hesitate to contact us, we will provide you with the best advice from our team.


Hotel quality sheets feature different fibre contents. Cotton bed sheets have had a good run in the industry for a long time and they are they are predominant because of their long life span and confort. If you are looking to buy bedsheets for your hotel from out collection, consider the following factors:

• Thread count– Hotel bedsheets, like other sheets, differ in thread count depending on the quality. The average thread count for standard quality bed sheets is 150 threads. In Lucerna we have the best 180, 200 and 300 thread count sheets, 300 being the best quality.

 Pocket depth– Consider the size of the mattress that you have in your hotel in relation to the pocket depth of the sheets.

• Ease of cleaning– Beddings in a hotel have to go through constant cleaning. Therefore, consider getting one that is easy to clean and dry.

• Durability– Constant cleaning of hotel bedsheets can lead to wear and tear, so you should consider beddings that can withstand such conditions for a long time.

Where to buy hotel bed linen?

In Lucerna Hospitality online store we are known as the experts for providing high-quality Hospitality bed linen, focused in hoteliers looking for great quality products that make their customers satisfied but also for a great return on investment.

Bed sheets are a perfect example of the small details hotels should keep in mind. The perfect stay in a hotel requires products that make the overall stay a whole experience a memorable one.