Melamines & Polycarbonates

Polycarbonate glasses and melamine dinnerware

The polycarbonate glasses and melamine dinnerware have been manufactured with a construction making them practically indestructible. They have a very high durability, and heavily resistant. Dishwasher safe. They are great for pool restaurants, hotels and bars.


Now days polycarbonate glassware and melamine ware are one of the best choices for those business who are in need to have a product that can last longer when comparing with regular chinaware or porcelain. They are excellent to be used in any type of indoor or outdoor restaurants. Lucerna Hospitality offers a great selection of 100% melamine which looks almost like porcelain with the advantage to be unbreakable, available in multiple colors and different shapes.

Our poly-carbonate glassware has a fantastic clarity and it is resistant to commercial dishwasher with the added value to be also unbreakable saving the client a lot of money in reposition while comparing versus regular glassware.

If you are looking for savings, poly-carbonate glassware and melamine products are the best solution for your business.