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Hotel Housekeeping Products

We cover a wide variety of housekeeping equipment and tools that are necessary in both hotels and restaurants. The vast majority of our products comply with the strictest quality controls to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with the products they buy through our website. If you want to have the best products for your business and team we will help you to make the right decision.



Professionals in the hospitality industry know the importance of buying items that are made to last long. Therefore it’s important to provide and stock the proper equipment in terms of hospitality supplies and tools that allow your team to make their daily tasks with the right equipment.

We specialized in providing our clients with the products they need with the best pricing without compromising the quality of the products we offer online.

From Housekeeping carts, luggage racks, ice buckets, safety box and mini fridges are some of the items we can provide you to ensure you have a one stop shop for all your needs.

Our inventory of items is increasing week after week giving the clients the opportunity to have a larger choice that can buy locally with immediate delivery.

If you are seeking for a company that can provide you with hospitality and supply products with commercial grade, low prices and great quality, Lucerna Hospitality is the solution for all your needs.