Hotel Bath towels

Whether you are a hotel or you offer other overnight accommodation services, your guest expects luxurious hotel towels. Customers prefer high quality and quick-drying white hotel towels. If towels show signs of wear or tear, or noticeable stains, they are likely to create a negative impression to your customers. Here are factors to consider when buying hotel towels wholesale. If you want to offer the best service to your clients, you have to have the best products, like our towels.

There are different types of bath towels. They can be differentiated on materials. Here are several types of fibres and their benefits to the user.

Cotton towels for hotels

These towels have an elegant appearance and optimal whiteness. This appearance is achieved by working with a modern machine with a smooth flow and 100% cotton threads.

Towels made of cotton material are super soft and exceptional absorbers. Its capability to absorb water quickly can be traced on its long loops.

Mixed cotton and polyester towels

If what you need is a combination of quality and durability, 100% Cotton and 14% Polyester virgin thread towels are your best option. Hotel bath towels have to endure the passage of many customers throughout the year.

This cotton stands out in softness and luxury and the polyester provides greater durability. We are wholesale towel suppliers and know the importance of offering the best products

Silver towels

If you are looking for some towels with a more modern style, you are lucky. This type of hotel towels are made with open end threads finished in a modern smooth flow.

The materials are also cotton and polyester, but these are super compressed towels and with an optimal white.In our online store you will find this type of towels in a pack of 10 products, specially designed for companies looking for cheap towels with great value.

Where to buy hotel towels?

In our online store we are experts in high-quality towels, for hotels looking for products that make their customers satisfied. Being in a hotel must be a comfortable experience and therefore you must take care of even the smallest details.

Bath towels are a perfect example of the details you should keep in mind at your hotel. The perfect stay in a hotel requires the perfect fixtures.